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What is CrossAds?

CrossAds is an ad platform for webstores.
The traffic is generated for the businesses by displaying their products on partner stores and vice-versa.

How It Works?

  • Integrate app with your webstore.
  • Choose the products to be published.
  • Click on 'Add To Ads' to start advertising.
  • Enjoy the traffic!!!

Amazing Features.


Easy Integration

Simple to integrate with your store and get started.


Ads Analytics

Advanced platform to monitor the ads performance.


Free To Use

Completely free platform. No credit card required.


User Friendly UI

Get started with the simplest UI platform.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Have more questions? Drop a mail to contact@crossads.store

1. How will this help me to increase the traffic?

The products that you select will be displayed as ads on the partner stores. When the user clicks on these ads, a new tab will be opened with your product page.

2. How will it benefit the partner stores?

When you choose to use our services, the partner stores's products will be displayed as ads on your stores in lieu of your products visible as ads on their stores.

3. What are Impressions?

The number of times your products are displayed on other stores are counted as impressions.

Meet With Price

The platform is free to use. Your ads will be shown to other's store for theirs.



  • First 1000 Impressions
  • Upto 6th position appearance



  • 1000 Impressions AddOn
  • Upto 3rd position appearance



  • 2500 Impressions AddOn
  • Upto 3rd position appearance



  • 10000 Impressions AddOn
  • Upto 3rd position appearance

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